Soapbox is an extremely versatile line of furniture. Available in a range of woods, different color hardware, and your choice of several styles.  Designed to be whatever you need, wherever you need it, from a single piece to an entire room or office -  It's all about possibilities.

Soapbox & You

It's really all about you. It's easy: real materials, like wood and metal, make better products. Soapbox is about making something that will last a long time in a very short time. Spend more time doing what YOU enjoy.

Why Soapbox?

In a word, simplicity.  Growing up in a mega-store, over-packaged, disposable world instilled an appreciation for simple, honest design.  The challenge was to create something that didn't need tools, a foreign language dictionary, three friends or an engineering degree to put together.  I wanted to create something that my family would want to live with.  Something that wouldn't require a 7-figure bank account to buy or end up in a landfill 6 months later.  And I wanted to make it here, in New Jersey.  I hope you like what we came up with.


Rob Feinstein
Founder & CEO