• Where can I see SOAPBOX products in person? We now have retail partners! Our products can be seen HERE.
  • What is my Soapbox made of? 3/4" plywood with grade A hardwood veneers, using soy based glues.  The hardware is made from solid steel--either powder coated or galvanized.

  • What is the finish on my Soapbox?  We use Waterlox, made from natural tung oil and resin, and apply it by hand.  It's low VOC, low impact on the environment and good for your Soapbox.

  • How do I take care of my Soapbox?  Every Soapbox has real wood veneers, which require a little extra effort to keep them looking their best.  We like Howard Feed-N-Wax.  You can find it in most local hardware stores, and it smells great!  Any wood safe polish will do the trick, though.  We recommend a good polish about once a season.  Or more often if you are feeling sentimental.  The hardware just needs a damp cloth.

  • Where is my Soapbox made?  The beautiful Garden State-- New Jersey, baby.

  • How long will it take to receive my Soapbox?  Currently our lead times are 2-3 weeks.  We will contact you as soon as your order is about to ship.

  • How does my Soapbox get to me?  We ship everything via UPS.  Please make sure to check your package thoroughly.  Sign for your package only if it is received in good condition.  If you do decide to accept a package that appears to be damaged, please note this next to your signature.
  • What do I do if my SOAPBOX arrives damaged?  First, please take a digital photo of the wood that is damaged and the box that it arrived in. (UPS requires photos of the box for a claim to be processed.) E-mail the photos to info@soapboxhome.com and a customer service representative will be with you within 24 hours.
  • How do I install my wall mount Soapbox?  Because everyone's walls are different, we do not provide screws to attach the wall mounts.  We suggest that you consult your local hardware store to determine the best solution for you and your walls.

  • What method of payment does Soapbox accept?  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  If you catch us in person, we will accept cash.

  • If my needs change, how do I reconfigure my Soapbox?  Please contact us- we will help you figure it out.  We do not recommend stacking your Soapboxes.  A stackable solution is in the works!

  • What is SOAPBOX's return policy?  We want you to be completely happy with our product.  If you have any problems with your Soapbox, please contact us as soon as possible following delivery.  We accept returns up to 30 days from delivery for credit or reimbursal.  We do not refund shipping costs.

  • What do you do with my personal information?  We add you to our email list.  You can opt out easily at any time.  We NEVER share our customers' personal information with anyone.

  • Where can I see Soapbox products in person?  We are taking it to the streets.  You can find us at some of the best flea markets and street fairs along the east coast.  Please go to our facebook page for times and locations.  www.facebook.com/SOAPBOXHOME  If you think there is an event that we should know about, please drop us a line.

Other questions?  Email us at info@soapboxhome.com

Call us @ 732 749-0843