Box 12.14.14

A couple things to help you understand the method to our madness:

Sizing - We don't use an "x" between our numbers -- which are typically used for L x W x H -- because that would imply that our boxes have a specific way they must be used. Soapboxes can be assembled vertically OR horizontally. Heck... Your needs may change! You can use your Soapbox vertically in your first apartment, horizontally in your new home. We are hard to outgrow.

Naming - For similar reasons, we haven't given our products silly names. We haven't even labeled them with industry terminology like "nightstand", "bookcase", "credenza" or "casual table". Who are we to stifle your creativity? Use your Soapbox however you see fit!

What we suggest - First, measure your space where your Soapbox(es) will be -- length, width, height. This will help you determine the size and style that will work best for you. Our Dimensions tab is right next door. Look! It will help make this process even easier.

This Box is perfect for small corners, maybe a plant stand, a low bedside table, stackable storage on top of another Soapbox!

Still not clear? Reach out for us. We'd be happy to help you figure out the perfect size and style for your space.

Actual description - We use Grade A hardwood veneered 3/4" thick plywood with soy-based glues. Our hardware is steel with a powder coated or galvanized finish. Full assembly instructions here.







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